The Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, enlightened in Bodhgaya,
taught in Varanasi, entered nirvana in Kushinara.
As we spread the vessels of the Lord we pray that they who eat and the things that are eaten, and the eating shall be universally void of self.
I offer to Vairochana, the Buddha of the pure Dharmakaya;
To Locana, the Buddha of the Sambhogakaya;
To Shakyamuni, the Buddha Nirmanakaya, with his ten trillion
To Maitreya, the Buddha of the future;
To Amitabha, the Buddha of the Western Paradise;
To All buddhas of the Ten Directions: past, present, and future;
To Manjushri, the Bodhisattva personifying wisdom;
To Samantabhadra the Bodhisattva personifying practice;
To Avalokiteshvara the Bodhisattva personifying Compassion;
To all other Bodhisattvas, Great Beings, Great Wisdom Practice.
I meditate upon this food as having three virtues and six tastes; I receive it as an offering to the Buddha and the Sangha as well as to all sentient beings in the Universe.
When I eat my meal I wish that all sentient beings enjoy the food of
Samadhi and may the joy of the Dharma pervade their bodies
Beings both great and small have worked hard to bring us this meal. May we be truly grateful. From our actions here today may we work towards the cessation of suffering for all beings.
LEADER: Abiding in this ephemeral world like a lotus in muddy water,
the mind is pure and goes beyond, thus we bow to Buddha
ALL: I have finished my meal. I pray all sentient beings may accomplish their purpose and attain Buddhahood.
tát đa nẫm, tam miệu tam bồ đề, câu chi nẫm, đát điệt tha: án chiết lệ chủ lệ chuẩn đề ta bà ha